The Origin of Misanthropy

from by Anagnorisis



Your vacant eyes tell a tale of beckoned deceit. Your skin pale and lifeless, this is where redemption and revenge meet. A lover's grip around the neck of that which I cherish. If I've been the ills that beg you, why must you haunt me?

No deed be forgiven, no deed gone unpunished. For the lack of compassion, for the sake of hatred. You've instilled a loathing reminder, you've awakened unbearable lust.

I bask in ravenous glory. I will seize the day, amongst days.

Consumed with apathy and disgust. Bearing witness to the Hells that have become me. An undying hatred. The bitter taste of inerted sorrow. Claw out my eyes. Take from me my heart. But still I'll stop at nothing to fall asleep to your screams. And as the warm light fades from your eyes I'll kiss your ghost in my dreams.


Gods won't stop me. Hell won't have me.

I bask in ravenous glory. I will seize the day, amongst my last days.

Immortal. Immortality.


from Alpha and Omega, released January 1, 2009




Anagnorisis Louisville, Kentucky

Based on a Greek phrase for “discovery,” ANAGNORISIS was founded in 2003 in Louisville, KY. The band has since then released three full-length records and two EPs.

The group’s intense live show and impious beliefs have created an aggressive yet intelligent ethos for Anagnorisis, positioning them at the forefront of American black metal.
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