Shadow of the Adversary

from by Anagnorisis



Bring me the heads of Martyrs and those who crawl blindly. We will pave the streets with the flesh and bones of the weak. For those who cast down shunning eyes, I'll cast upon you the shadow of the Adversary. I'll spare nothing, I'll burn through your lies, and sift through your failure, like the Devil's fire through ash. Prayers and beggars alike, you'll waste a life time to fill an eternal void. We, the elite, take our throne, as you, the disease, wear the skin off your fucking knees.

Bound to a lifetime of voluntary servitude. Bound to the mouth of faith, with words so naive. Bound to the cross and staring at the sun. Bound by blood to segregate mankind from beast. No one will return for you. Abandon every shred of hope. Pull the petal from every rose, and clinch the thorns. Shroud yourself in self pity and adore death. The Apocalypse is upon us, Armageddon is here and now.

Bound to the pages of a faithful contradiction. Bound to a thoughtless mindset and afterlife obsession. Bound to the loss and envious spite. Wash your hands of faith or down in the blood of christ. The Apocalypse is upon us, Armageddon is here and now.

Denounce praise to a smoke and mirror savior, denounce faith and allow the mythical dead weight to fall from your shoulders. Everything you ever were, must be of you and you alone. Rewarding self sacrifice to a unseen ghost is true blasphemy.

We are the Horsemen. We are the bringers of the blackest death. We are the evils. We are the self destruction. And we are the end of days.

Mankind, the god complex, the self absorbed, the civil demise.

We as predators glorify such valiant devastation. We as beasts are no better than the dead we have buried.


from Alpha and Omega, released January 1, 2009




Anagnorisis Louisville, Kentucky

Based on a Greek phrase for “discovery,” ANAGNORISIS was founded in 2003 in Louisville, KY. The band has since then released three full-length records and two EPs.

The group’s intense live show and impious beliefs have created an aggressive yet intelligent ethos for Anagnorisis, positioning them at the forefront of American black metal.
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